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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

As the commercial auto insurance marketplace continues to change, the appetites of insurance carriers are also evolving in attempts to achieve and/or maintain profitability. One class of business that seems to be in a constant state of flux is non-emergency medical transportation. Read More.

Posted by Jeff Wright, AU, TRS, Commercial Auto Department on Sep 29, 2022

Introducing Encova Insurance for Personal Lines

Bloss & Dillard can now offer you more than just your E & S needs. We now have access to write your standard personal lines risks with Encova Insurance. Read More.

Posted by Lauren Turner, Personal Lines on Aug 30, 2022

Time for a Client Check-In

Annual sit downs with clients are a typical thing for agents. Read More.

Posted by Greg Bowen, Workers’ Compensation on Aug 16, 2022

Outfitters, Guides and Other Outdoor Risks

At Bloss and Dillard we provide coverage for Guides, Outfitters, Cabins, Campgrounds, and related operations. Read More.

Posted by Michael Williams, P&C Department on Aug 2, 2022

Difficult Market = New Opportunities: Short Term Auto Rentals

Difficult market conditions can be an opportunity to help your currents with expanding their operations in a demand driven marketplace. Read More.

Posted by Matthew R. White, Commercial Auto on Jul 19, 2022

Smart Homes and Insurance – What is it and how can it help?

By the end of 2016, there were more than 15 million smart homes in the United States. Read More.

Posted by Tate Tooley, IT on Jul 5, 2022

Cloud Services for Collaboration in Small Business

Two of the main online/cloud productivity suites for sending emails, managing calendars, video conferences, creating documents and spreadsheets are Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Utilizing one of these services can greatly enhance the ability of a small business, such as an independent insurance agent, to collaborate and offer high-level services to its customers. Each service, Google or Microsoft, offers 4 basic plans, which are based on per user. Read More.

Posted by Tate Tooley, IT Department on May 25, 2022

Logging 101

This classification applies to risks engaged in the operation of harvesting lumber on a large-scale basis by cutting down trees in a designated area. Logging or lumbering operations can take place in either natural forests or planned tree farms and are necessary when housing developments, golf courses or other similar construction projects require substantial clearing of timber. Read More.

Posted by Kim Henshaw, P&C Department on May 11, 2022

Safety First

A Formal Written Safety Program is an extremely important business practice that should be implemented by all businesses and is a requirement for most classes when quoting Workers Compensation Coverage. Especially risks that fall in the F & G Hazard Groups. Read More.

Posted by Linda Wolfe, Workers Comp Department on Apr 27, 2022

Get Ready for Boating Season

Let us help you write your boat coverage with American Modern Home! Two programs available - Up to 26 feet in length is quoted under the Boat Program Over 26 feet is quoted under our Yacht Program Agreed value settlement eliminates depreciation Most boat classifications are accepted, examples include pontoon, houseboats, sail boats, ski boats and personal watercraft Watercraft values available up to $1,000,000 Read More.

Posted by Karen Brooks, Personal Lines Department on Apr 13, 2022

Some Things Do Change

We have all heard the expression “some things never change”. That may sometimes be true, but you should never assume that things are never changing with your commercial auto insureds. You may inadvertently be providing outdated information to your underwriter/insurance carrier, not realizing that the pricing might not be as good as it could have been had you provided updated and correct information. Aside from that, you may also be setting yourself up for a potential E&O situation down the road. Read More.

Posted by Jeff Wright, AU, TRS, Commercial Auto Department on Mar 30, 2022

New Garage Market

Here at BDI, we are excited to start out the new year with a new binding authority garage market, available for the states of West Virginia, Ohio, and Virginia. This market will provide us with the ability to competitively quote and write garage dealers exposures, as well as garage service risks. This will include those risks involved with the sale, repair, and/or servicing of not only private passenger type vehicles, but also those that are involved with heavy trucks, construction equipment, and even farm equipment. Read More.

Posted by Jeff Wright, Au, TRS on Feb 7, 2022

Bloss & Dillard Tech in 2022

As 2021, ended, it was a time to reflect on what we’ve done and what we can do from a tech perspective to continue to make it easy to do business with Bloss & Dillard. So, I’d like to again cover the things we offer and things we are thinking about to continue to provide the most efficient service we can and make it a great experience to do business with us. Read More.

Posted by Tate Tooley on Feb 1, 2022

What to Think About When it Comes to Workers Compensation

The bigger catch is always what is strived for in this business. Nothing like closing on that 6-figure premium that has been in the works for some time. It is important, though, to not count out the impact of having a large number of smaller accounts. Read More.

Posted by Greg Bowen on Jan 31, 2022

Cyber Liability - What is it Who Needs it and How Can it Help Your Business

Do any of your clients work on the internet daily? Do they have a website? Then they have Cyber exposure. The good news is that Bloss & Dillard can provide a solution for your client with both admitted and non-admitted options. Read More.

Posted by Ernestine Napier on Jan 24, 2022

Top Ten Reasons to Write Your Mobile Homes with American Modern Home

Read More.

Posted by Terri Litz on Jan 17, 2022

Vacant Dwellings

Do you have a vacant home that you just can’t seem to find coverage for? We can help! Read More.

Posted by Lauren Turner on Dec 1, 2021

Small Public Autos Equal Big Opportunities

Read More.

Posted by Matt White, Commercial Auto on Nov 17, 2021

D&O or E&O - What to Know

Management Liability…Professional liability…D&O? What does it all mean? Read More.

Posted by Jamie Bowling, P&C on Nov 3, 2021

Need to Know

Insurance is a fast-paced industry and turnaround time is key. Read More.

Posted by Linda Wolfe, Workers Comp on Oct 20, 2021

New in BDI Tech

We have a few new things to introduce to you since our last newsletter. Read More.

Posted by Tate Tooley, IT on Oct 6, 2021

BDI offers competitive pricing for homeowners policies

Did you know that we specialize in hard-to-place homeowner’s policies? Have you ever had a client call with a home that is difficult to insure? Call us first to see if the risk is eligible. Read More.

Posted by Lauren Turner, Manager, Personal Lines on Sep 1, 2021

‘Styling’ coverage for beauty, barber clients

Indeed, it feels like a weight has been lifted. The numbers are good, and we are venturing out again. Many businesses were hit hard and now, they are making a comeback. Read More.

Posted by Michael Williams, P & C on Aug 18, 2021

Ransomware, cyberattacks increasing dramatically

Most everyone has heard of ransomware and cyberattacks and now many of us have been directly affected by it. Read More.

Posted by Tate Tooley, IT on Aug 4, 2021

Monthly reporting encourages awareness

We have all been there before. Life throws you into a whirlwind and you forget about that one bill. Or maybe you recently switched banks and did not update your information with that one company. Read More.

Posted by Greg Bowen, Workers Comp on Jul 21, 2021

Summer brings new opportunities

We made it to summer! Unlike the summer of 2020, we can once again get out and about to enjoy the outdoor activities that we missed terribly last year. Read More.

Posted by Jeff Wright, AU, TRS, Commercial Auto Manager on Jul 7, 2021

Check Out the New Features with Bloss & Dillard

Hopefully, you are beginning to see a bit more normalcy coming back into your offices and workspaces. Read More.

Posted by Tate Tooley, IT on Jun 1, 2021

Insuring Condos

Do you ever have that hard to place condominium risk? BDI is here to help! We offer coverage for your insured and have a few competitive markets that we can choose from. Read More.

Posted by Lauren Turner, Personal Lines on May 25, 2021

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation - What You Need to Know

Over the past few years, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) risks have become a popular start-up operation for many entrepreneurs. Read More.

Posted by Matt White, Commercial Auto on May 11, 2021

Spring is in the Air

Be on the lookout for clients in need of Workers Compensation Coverage this season. Read More.

Posted by Linda Wolfe, Workers Comp Department on Apr 27, 2021

Special Events Call for Special Coverage

I recently read an article that said 87% of the meetings scheduled for 2020 were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read More.

Posted by Colin Wills, P&C Department on Apr 13, 2021

Bloss & Dillard Certificate of Insurance Utility

Did you know you can issue Certificates of Insurance (COI’s) from our Agent Service Center? Read More.

Posted by Tate Tooley, IT Manager on Mar 15, 2021

Expanded Policy Options for Homeowner’s and Seasonal Homeowners

Did you know that we specialize in hard to place Homeowners policies? Read More.

Posted by Charity Collins, Personal Lines on Mar 1, 2021

Avoid Snags in Workers’ Compensation Submission Process

Nowadays, and lately truer than ever, consumers expect their products and services as fast as possible. Read More.

Posted by Greg Bowen, Workers’ Compensation on Feb 15, 2021

BDI is Here for All Your Commercial Transportation Needs

Welcome to 2021! Last year was surely an interesting one (and obviously not for good reasons). Read More.

Posted by Jeff Wright AU, TRS, Commercial Auto on Feb 1, 2021

Products Liability: We Have It, You Need It

Some may see the end of 2020 as a “so long, glad you are over” kind of year, but for others, it has been a time for them to sit back and reflect on a new invention. Read More.

Posted by Ernestine Napier, P&C Department on Jan 18, 2021


Having trouble finding an Umbrella market? Bloss & Dillard has options for your clients. USLI offers umbrella quotes for your insureds if it falls under their guidelines. Read More.

Posted by Terri Litz, Personal Lines on Nov 23, 2020

Tips for staying productive while working from home

Working from home...on January 2, 2020, how many of us had any idea that we would have been working from home 6 months or more this year? Read More.

Posted by Tate Tootley, IT Manager on Nov 9, 2020

The difference is in the details

What’s so hard and time-consuming about quoting commercial auto insurance? I mean you have a driver, a truck, and cargo. If only that were all. Read More.

Posted by Matt White, Commercial Auto on Oct 26, 2020

Coverage options for home health care, nurse registries, and basic non-nursing services

Personal care for others in the client’s home is a risk we see quite often. Our non-admitted market offers basic non-nursing services and skilled professional services. Read More.

Posted by Lisa Castaneda, P&C on Oct 12, 2020

Changes in Workers’ Compensation policy

In 2006 there was a lot of talk about Agent of Record letters. Over the last few years, however, the subject has not been on our minds to the extent it was when the State of WV was no longer monopolistic. Occasionally, an agent of record request will dwindle in if a workers’ compensation client decides to switch to a new agent for one reason or another. Recently, there have been a few changes that are important to keep in mind when submitting workers’ compensation agent of record documents. Read More.

Posted by Betty Douglas, Worker’s Compensation on Sep 28, 2020

The continued need for worker’s compensation

Many times throughout our life, we are thrown a curveball. Over these last few months, many of us have experienced a worldwide impact similar to what our ancestors felt during WWI and WWII, when millions of lives depended on each other. Read More.

Posted by Betty Douglas, Worker’s Compensation on Sep 1, 2020

AMSuite offers more products, discounts, and payment plans for clients

The Personal Lines Department at Bloss & Dillard has worked with American Modern for many years. In 2020, all the states we write in are now active in the new system, AMSuite (the previous system was called Modernlink). Read More.

Posted by Lauren Turner, Personal Lines on Aug 11, 2020

Update on the Bloss & Dillard Agent Service Center

It has been about a year since we released our new version of our Agent Service Center and I wanted to take a moment to give you an update. I would just like to remind you of some of the things that you have the ability to do through this web portal. Read More.

Posted by Tate Tooley, IT Manager on Jul 28, 2020

BDI offers policy and liability options for food trucks

It’s summertime and life is slowly progressing back to (somewhat) normal. This summer, I know I’ll be seeking outdoor adventures and looking forward to munching on some good eats from food trucks. Read More.

Posted by Linda Wolfe, Commercial Auto on Jul 14, 2020

The increased need for cyber insurance

One might say that 2020 has been like no other in our lifetime. COVID-19 has brought families closer together and given us all time to slow down and realize what is important in life. Read More.

Posted by Jamie Bowling, P&C Department on Jun 30, 2020

Data Security and Testing in the Insurance Industry

More and more requirements are being put on insurance companies, general agents, and independent retail insurance agents when it comes to data security and testing. Read More.

Posted by Tate Tooley, IT on Jun 2, 2020

Personal Lines is Here to Help You

We have had several Ohio agents calling trying to find coverage for HO3’s, HO6’s, and HO4’s due to Lexington Insurance no longer writing in Ohio. Read More.

Posted by Terri Litz, Personal Lines on May 19, 2020

Bobtail vs. Non-Trucking Liability

Over the years, many of you have been asked to provide your trucking clients with a quote for insurance when they intend to operate under the authority of a motor carrier. Read More.

Posted by Jeff Wright, AU, TRS on May 5, 2020

We Offer Landscaping and Artisan Contractor Programs

That extra hour of daylight we are enjoying can mean only one thing - spring is here! Let the home improvement begin. Read More.

Posted by Michael Williams, P&C Department on Apr 21, 2020

Working With Clients to Renew Workers’ Compensation Coverage

The year 2020 is in full swing and we will be entering April before you know it. The new year has brought with it an array of things, old and new, to stress over. One thing you or your client should not have to worry about is workers’ compensation. Read More.

Posted by Greg Bowen, Workers’ Compensation Underwriter on Apr 7, 2020

Seasonal Homes

Have you ever wondered if we offer coverage for seasonal homes? Good news, we do! We have several options we can tailor to fit your needs. You may not know, but more than 3.6 million homes and condos in the U.S. are... Read More.

Posted by Charity Collins, Personal Lines on Feb 19, 2020

Helping Prevent Audits

The first three months of each year finds us scrambling to gather information for the Internal Revenue Service, the goal being for us to report with accuracy and not attract an audit from the IRS... Read More.

Posted by Betty Douglas, CIC, AAI, Workers Compensation on Feb 12, 2020

Liquor Liability Insurance

Many times, when a person thinks alcohol, they think celebration. Folks drink on birthdays, holidays, and at college graduation parties - but the truth is if your client serves alcohol, they have exposure. The trouble comes when... Read More.

Posted by Tammy Simpkins, P&C Department on Feb 5, 2020

Trucking: What Happened in 2019

A lot has changed over the past year from bankruptcy to increased fines and more oversight from the DOT. Let’s look back at some highlights of what your trucking clients have been dealing with and possibly looking forward to... Read More.

Posted by Matt White, Commercial Auto on Jan 29, 2020

Cyber Liability Insurance

I am sure we have all heard about cyber liability insurance. Likewise, I am sure we have all heard the horror stories about the huge data breaches that some large corporations have experienced (and that have maybe affected some of you reading this article)... Read More.

Posted by Tate Tooley, IT on Jan 22, 2020