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Bloss & Dillard Tech in 2022

Bloss & Dillard Tech in 2022

As 2021, ended, it was a time to reflect on what we’ve done and what we can do from a tech perspective to continue to make it easy to do business with Bloss & Dillard. So, I’d like to again cover the things we offer and things we are thinking about to continue to provide the most efficient service we can and make it a great experience to do business with us.

First is our Agent Service Center. Currently, among other things, you can use this to check the status of your policies
and submissions; issue your own COI’s and apply for our Rewards Gift Cards. What we plan to do is to make it even easier to issue certificates for your insureds and to apply for those Rewards. Our plan is to allow you to launch those utilities straight from your dashboard, instead of multiple clicks to get there.

Second, we want to improve our online forms and applications. We want to expand on the number of applications that are fillable and also improve them so you can fill them out and then submit them straight from our site, versus having to complete, download and send from your local network.

Third, we want to continue to encourage all of you to choose to receive your monthly statements via email and to accept your commissions via direct deposit. If you are not currently taking advantage of either of these, please contact Claire Curtis,, or Tate Tooley,, and we will be glad to assist you in getting this set up.

As always, our BDI family thanks you for your business and we look forward to continuing to provide you with great service so you can properly care for your insureds!

Posted by Tate Tooley on Feb 1, 2022