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Time for a Client Check-In

Time for a Client Check-In

Annual sit downs with clients are a typical thing for agents. It gives a proper and professional opportunity to check for gaps in coverage and handle any concerns the client may have. On the workers’ compensation side, amongst other things, it is the perfect time to remind the client of their annual WC audit. 

One of the more common reasons for a carrier issuing a nonrenewal on a WC policy is a noncompliant audit. It can be easily overlooked, especially with the busy lifestyles most business owners have. It does not, however, need to be stressful. Anticipating the audit can remove most of the stress it can bring. So, be sure to keep your client ahead and make this an important topic during your annual reviews.

Also, remember if there are ever any concerns or disputes the client may have after completing the audit, they should contact the carrier directly. Agents and BDI have very little to do with audit disputes, outside of tracking communications, relaying information, ect., but the client should start the dispute directly with the carrier. Of course, we are always here at Bloss & Dillard to assist our agents and their clients in any way we can. 

Posted by Greg Bowen, Workers’ Compensation on Aug 16, 2022