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Cloud Services for Collaboration in Small Business

Cloud Services for Collaboration in Small Business

Two of the main online/cloud productivity suites for sending emails, managing calendars, video conferences, creating documents and spreadsheets are Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.  Utilizing one of these services can greatly enhance the ability of a small business, such as an independent insurance agent, to collaborate and offer high-level services to its customers.  Each service, Google or Microsoft, offers 4 basic plans, which are based on per user.  

So, why should you use one of these services, you might ask?  One of the biggest features is the ability to access your emails, documents, spreadsheets, etc. practically anywhere over any device.  Both vendors have various programs/mobile apps that allow you to use their various utilities/tools.  Another reason is collaboration or sharing of information amongst all the members of your office/agency.  

Both services offer video conferencing which can also be of benefit for your employees to communicate with each other and share information.  And in today’s world with concerns of some people and personal contact, this could also be used to communicate with your clients or customers. 

To wrap up, below are some points to consider when reviewing which service you should utilize

  • Pricing for your office size
  • Familiarity of apps (some may already be comfortable with Microsoft products versus Google apps)
  • Amount of cloud storage included in each plan
  • Working environments
    • If your office has a wide mix of devices and operating systems, Google may work better as it is designed to run entirely online in a web browser.
    • If your organization is entirely Windows-based, Microsoft 365 might be a better fit for your environment.
  • Ease of deployment from an equipment standpoint would go to Google as all you need is a web browser to start utilizing

For more information, just google “microsoft 365 versus google workspace” and that will provide several websites that provide more insight into these services.  If you have any questions or comments for me, please just let me know.  My email is  

Posted by Tate Tooley, IT Department on May 25, 2022