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Expanded Policy Options for Homeowner’s and Seasonal Homeowners

Expanded Policy Options for Homeowner’s and Seasonal Homeowners

Did you know that we specialize in hard to place Homeowners policies? Have you ever had a client call with a home that is difficult to insure? Call us first to see if the risk is eligible. 

With the addition of American Modern Insurance Group’s new Homeowner Flex program in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio, we now have even more options for owner-occupied or seasonal homeowners. We look at each unique risk and develop options - including replacement cost, ACV, full repair cost, and modified functional replacement cost - depending on the age and condition of the home.  

We also have the option to quote with Nationwide E & S (Scottsdale), which is a valuable resource for us. They will accept those hard to place risks. Is it a home that has roof issues? Excluding the roof is an option. Do you have a home that has had claims? We may be able to help. Have you been turned down by everyone else? We should be able to customize an insurance plan to get them the coverage they need.

Do you have a high-value home that you need to insure? We would love to assist with that. Our markets are very competitive and will ensure high and lower value homes. Reach out to us with any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

Posted by Charity Collins, Personal Lines on Mar 1, 2021