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Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance

Many times, when a person thinks alcohol, they think celebration. Folks drink on birthdays, holidays, and at college graduation parties - but the truth is if your client serves alcohol, they have exposure. The trouble comes when patrons get into a fight on your property, drive drunk and cause an accident, slip, and fall, among other things. A single claim could ruin the business your client worked hard to build. So, how do you protect your client from the accidents that come with serving beer, wine, or spirits? Enter Liquor Liability Insurance.

This coverage:

  • Provides peace of mind and protects assets and the business. We live in a litigious society, with catastrophic injuries associated with liquor liability accidents, and defense costs can be expensive. Insurance protects the business and personal assets in the event of a large jury award.
  • Your clients could be held liable for serving an intoxicated or underage person.
  • Employers can be held liable for employees who sell or serve alcohol in violation of state laws.
  • Even if the establishment is found not liable, defense costs can exceed $100,000
  • Insurance is a known expense compared to the unknown financial impact of defense costs and court verdicts.

Bloss & Dillard has several “A” rated or better markets for liquor liability. We have admitted and non-admitted markets. We can also package the liquor with GL & Property. Eligible accounts include restaurants, bars/taverns, casinos, clubs, convenience stores, grocery stores, hotels/motels, package/ liquor stores, special events, breweries, wineries, and liquor manufacturers/distributors. Employees must have alcohol awareness and server training. We can write it on a monoline or package basis. Primary limits up to $1,000,000 occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate. We can include Assault & Battery limited liability coverage or exclude it.

Let Bloss & Dillard help you with all your liquor liability needs.

Posted by Tammy Simpkins, P&C Department on Feb 5, 2020