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Logging 101

Logging 101

97111 - LOGGING & LUMBERING - General Liability

This classification applies to risks engaged in the operation of harvesting lumber on a large-scale basis by cutting down trees in a designated area.  Logging or lumbering operations can take place in either natural forests or planned tree farms and are necessary when housing developments, golf courses or other similar construction projects require substantial clearing of timber.

The construction of temporary roads for the exclusive use by the logger is included. This is normally performed with a simple bulldozing operation.

After selection, the tree is trimmed of its branches and is topped. An undercut is started below the actual cutting place in order to direct the fall of the tree. The tree is then cut through and felled, and any remaining branches are removed. The tree is cut into logs, which are loaded onto trucks. The logs are then transported to a sawmill for additional processing.

The removal of stumps and the grinding of the excess wood and bark into chips is contemplated under this classification, when performed by the logging contractor.


Now that we have explained the classification have you noticed all the log trucks going down the road these days?  Well, it takes loggers to cut this timber so it can be hauled to the mills.   Your Loggers need solid coverage so let Bloss & Dillard be your partner for all your logging and lumbering related business.  We can provide General Liability with multiple carriers rated A or better by A.M. Best Company.  


General Liability - Highlights

  • GL limits available up to $1,000,000 each occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate
  • Over Cutting sub limits of $100,000 each occurrence / $200,000 aggregate available in some states
  • Logging and Lumbering Extended Coverage available 
  • Defense is OUTSIDE the limits
  • Damage to Premises Rented to You up to $100,000
  • Medical Payments up to $5,000
  • Occurrence – based coverage
  • New Ventures acceptable with prior experience
  • Additional Insureds available along with Primary Wording and Waiver of Subrogation – we can meet the requirements for WestRock, Georgia Pacific and many others


Bloss & Dillard can also offer other coverages for your loggers.  We have a competitive Inland Marine market for your logging equipment written on admitted paper.  We can also offer Excess Liability, Commercial Auto and Workers Compensation.  Make sure you reach out to us for all your Logging & Lumbering risks!

Posted by Kim Henshaw, P&C Department on May 11, 2022