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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

As the commercial auto insurance marketplace continues to change, the appetites of insurance carriers are also evolving in attempts to achieve and/or maintain profitability. One class of business that seems to be in a constant state of flux is non-emergency medical transportation. This would be those risks with minivans, small buses, or sometimes even sedans, which meet the needs of folks requiring transportation to and from medical appointments, physical therapy centers, etc.  Maintaining underwriting profitability within this class of business can be a challenge, resulting in many insurance providers coming and going within this segment of the business.

At BDI, we, fortunately, have the ability to place coverage for these risks domiciled in WV and each of the surrounding states. That’s right; we aren’t just all about trucks. If you are in need of a market for any public livery account, please check with us because we may just have the solution. With in-house authority for quoting and binding, our turn-around time will pleasantly surprise you. Need an app? Check our website, or simply email one of us and we’ll get it to you in a hurry. Have questions about a particular risk? We’re here, ready and able to assist. We would love to hear from you!

We hope that you will allow BDI to partner with you as you strive to place coverage for your commercial transportation accounts in this last quarter of 2022 and beyond. Take advantage of our decades of underwriting experience in the commercial transportation marketplace, to help find and tailor coverage for your clients.

Posted by Jeff Wright, AU, TRS, Commercial Auto Department on Sep 29, 2022