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Products Liability: We Have It, You Need It

Products Liability: We Have It, You Need It

Some may see the end of 2020 as a “so long, glad you are over” kind of year, but for others, it has been a time for them to sit back and reflect on a new invention. Some may have come up with a new energy drink or vitamin to get them off the couch and on the move again, others may have found a new design for their automobile. Whatever the product, Bloss & Dillard is your go-to broker for the Products Liability Coverage. We have A+ rated markets ready to look at just about anything your insured has developed. Our markets cover products on a specified basis so we can supplement traditional insurance policies or fill the gap for new product development. Our flexible coverage can be packaged to meet the needs of manufacturers, importers, re-packagers, sellers, or distributors for a wide range of products. We have the ability to provide several Primary and Excess options such as:

  • Products only
  • Products with GL
  • Products liability with vendors and product recall expenses

We can go up to a maximum limit of $10,000,000 liability. Minimum premiums on Primary/Occurrence base risks start at $10,000 and Claims made start at $2,500. Our markets specialize in hard to place products such as food, drugs, chemicals, medical equipment, automotive equipment, machinery, toys, infant care items, metal & raw materials, explosives and weapons, plus many more.

So the next time your client says, “Hey, I just invented a new candle scent, a box or container, sports drink, beer, skincare product, eyeglass lens, medical equipment, a piece of jewelry, musical instrument, pencil/pen/crayon”…or any of the hundreds of other products out there, give Bloss & Dillard a call. We would love the opportunity to place your risk with one of our A+ rated carriers.

Posted by Ernestine Napier, P&C Department on Jan 18, 2021