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Safety First

Safety First

A Formal Written Safety Program is an extremely important business practice that should be implemented by all businesses and is a requirement for most classes when quoting Workers Compensation Coverage.  Especially risks that fall in the F & G Hazard Groups. 

A Formal Written Safety Program must be in the specific business’s name and be unique to its operations.  Having a program in place shows the business knows the hazards, risks and requirements and that they are committed to safety.  A copy of the program should be given to each employee and the business should keep a sign off sheet from each employee stating they received and have read the program. The program educates the employees of required processes and procedures that are to be followed to insure safety. 

The next time you are working with a client and ask if they have a Formal Written Safety Program and they say no , stress to them the importance of having one and recommend that they explore the US Department of Labor’s website  or OSHA  to aid them in putting one together. 

Having a Formal Written Safety Program in place could be the determining factor between obtaining a quote or receiving a declination. 

Put safety first! 

Posted by Linda Wolfe, Workers Comp Department on Apr 27, 2022