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Special Events Call for Special Coverage

Special Events Call for Special Coverage

I recently read an article that said 87% of the meetings scheduled for 2020 were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and was surprised that the percentage wasn’t higher given the many cancellations for meetings I was scheduled to attend.

However, the article did consider that some of those meetings were changed from in-person to virtual and that was not calculated in the percentage. The thought is that many events that were postponed last year will now take place in 2021. With the vaccine roll-out and thoughts of herd immunity, this is becoming a possibility.

Keep BDI in mind for those upcoming special events. Minimum premiums start at just $250 as well as options to schedule multiple events on one policy as long as the date is specifically scheduled. This helps keep the costs down for many insureds.

We’re starting to see some music festivals, cattle shows, family reunions and car shows. Those are just a few of the many types of special events we can review. For events not located in WV, you have the ability to rate these yourself on our website or call our toll-free quote line, 877-203-8531. The phone/web quote option also pays 13% commission as well.

This spring feels different than any spring I can remember. With last year being “closed” and the optimistic outlook ahead, we hope you get many calls for special events. We’re here to help with those requests.

Posted by Colin Wills, P&C Department on Apr 13, 2021