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Tips for staying productive while working from home

Tips for staying productive while working from home

Working from home...on January 2, 2020, how many of us had any idea that we would have been working from home 6 months or more this year? I can honestly say “not me.” COVID-19 has totally rewritten the rule book and, for some, there is not yet an end in sight for going back to the office. So, I thought I would share some tips on how to work better from home. I’m sure many of these you might have already figured out, but here you go:

  • Create and keep a morning routine – this will help you stay consistent in your work habits and keep personal time separate from work time
  • Try to maintain regular hours – again, this can help you keep personal time separate from your work schedule
  • Keep a dedicated office space – this will help you maintain a routine where you can “go to work” and can provide some privacy for work
  • Keep up casual communication with your colleagues – make sure to continue to chat with your coworkers/friends using chat, IM, text, etc. That personal communication can help keep your sanity.
  • The same way you keep a morning routine, make sure you keep an evening routine – when you are working from home, you leave your home much less than if you worked in the office. It is very important to separate home and work.

This is a whole new experience for many of us. We have to make the best of it while also continuing to find ways to take care of our customers. Take care and keep it going! Feel free to contact me at with any comments or questions.

Posted by Tate Tootley, IT Manager on Nov 9, 2020