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Trucking: What Happened in 2019

Trucking: What Happened in 2019

A lot has changed over the past year from bankruptcy to increased fines and more oversight from the DOT. Let’s look back at some highlights of what your trucking clients have been dealing with and possibly looking forward to.

  • The US DOT and FMCSA announced it would be reviewing the possibility of a program to allow drivers between the ages of 18 - 20 to operate commercial motor vehicles for interstate commerce. These drivers are currently restricted to intrastate commerce only.
  • Effective 12/16/2019 – All ELD’s being used by all drivers and carriers, who are subject to the ELD rules, must now be registered with FMCSA. Older ELDs were grandfathered in to allow for companies to invest in new technology.
  • FMCSA continues to remind everyone of the upcoming Drug and Alcohol clearinghouse that is scheduled to launch in January 2020. The clearinghouse will be a database of truck drivers’ results for all failed drug and alcohol tests. This will include results from random testing, pre-employment tests, post-crash tests, and refusals to take the test.
  • The FMCSA amends Entry-Level Driver Training regulations to streamline the process of upgrading from class B to class A, all while saving estimated costs of $18 million annually. Under the new rules, a class B driver will be credited for their experience as commercial drivers and the FMCSA estimates this will reduce theory instruction by an average of 27 hours.
  • Celadon Group filed for bankruptcy. According to CBS News, Celadon was the largest of nearly 800 companies that went out of business during 2019. The number of companies doubled from 2018.
  • FMSCA seeks the public’s feedback regarding the formation of regulation pertaining to autonomous vehicles.

With multiple changes in regulation in the works, 2020 is gearing up to have some major news as well. Keep on trucking and let’s see where this new year takes us. Happy New Year!

Posted by Matt White, Commercial Auto on Jan 29, 2020