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Below is information on how to submit a claim for each carrier with which we write business. The companies prefer for the claims to be reported directly to them but if you prefer to report to Bloss & Dillard, please fax an ACORD loss notice (which can be obtained here: to (304) 429-7248 or email to

American Modern Home

Bell & Clements-Commercial Auto

Envoca Worker’s Compensation

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Credit Card Payments

On this page, you can choose to make an online credit card or ACH payment for one of the following:

IPF Customers - make a payment - use this link if you have financed your premium through IPF Corp and need to make a monthly payment.

Bloss & Dillard Agents (or insured) - Policy Premium Downpayment for financing – use this link if you are wanting to make the down payment on a policy that you are binding.

Bloss & Dillard Agents (or insureds) - Policy Premium Full Payment – use this link if you are wanting to pay for a policy in full.

Bloss & Dillard Agents - pay by invoice - use this link if you would like to pick and choose the invoices you would like to pay online.

Once you click the link, it will take you to our 3rd-party vendor that processes these payments. You will need to input the Insured’s name, policy number, and amount then click Next. At the next screen, you will review the details and click Proceed to checkout. At the last screen is where you can choose whether you want to use credit card or ACH/echeck and input the payment details. If you have any questions, please contact Claire Curtis,

Personal Lines Rating

Commercial Auto Online Rating

Click here to get a quote on commercial auto risks such as limousines, tow trucks, dump trucks and more.

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P & C Online Rating

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Rewards Program

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Department Qualification Levels

  Premium Size Gift Card
Personal Lines $1,000 and up $10.00 gift card
P&C $1,500 and up $10.00 gift card
Commercial Auto $2,500 and up $10.00 gift card
Workers Compensation $5,000 and up $10.00 gift card

Online Tools

Here are some of our online tools that you may find helpful:

Workers’ Compensation Policy Request

Please submit a request for each separate policy of which you want a copy.

By filling out this form, you are making a request to receive a copy of a policy that is already in force. This request in no way changes the status of said policy.




At Bloss and Dillard our commitment is to our agents and their continued success.

To assist you in your challenges, we are providing you with a library of ads that are free for your use.

These ads are designed to be customized by you or your team and come in a variety of sizes. Additionally, each ad is provided in color and black and white to meet whatever need you may have. If these ads do not fit exactly what you are looking for, feel free to use components of them to send the perfect message.

In order to customize an ad for your agency, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. All ads are provided in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format.
  2. The ads with the notation of CMYK on the end are full-color ads, and the ads with GS are grayscale or black and white.
  3. Choose the appropriate size. Please note that all sizes labeled Full are standard 8.5" x 11" sheets.
  4. Download the ad to your computer by double clicking the appropriate ad.
  5. Your computer will ask you whether you wish to save or open the ad. You will need save the ad to your computer and remember where on your hard drive that you did so.
  6. Each ad in the library includes an example ad for your review.
  7. When the ad is open in Adobe® Acrobat®, you will notice a box in the lower portion of the advertisement. This is the area that allows you to insert your agency name and contact information. You can then print the ad and supply it to your media vendor.

Loss Runs

Please submit a request for each separate policy number and policy period for which you wish to have loss runs.

This form will be submitted to our Claims Department, and they will expedite your request.





This category contains Acord applications.


This category contains all forms pertaining to insurance brokerage.

Commercial Auto

This category contains forms pertaining to commercial auto lines of insurance.

Commercial Lines

This category contains all forms pertaining to commercial lines of insurance.


This category contains mandatory insurance forms.


This category contains all forms pertaining to personal lines of insurance.


This category contains forms pertaining to terrorism insurance.

Workers' Compensation

This category contains forms pertaining to worker's compensation insurance.


Workers’ Compensation

Click here for Workers' Compensation forms

Bloss & Dillard has been appointed as a General Agent for BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company. Travelers Insurance Company, AIG and Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance Companies

Agents that do not have direct appointments with these companies can place Workers Compensation business through BDI and receive the same great service at no additional cost to the client. Bloss & Dillard is a West Virginia domiciled company that is proud to service our agents since 1954, our goal is to always offer exemplary service.

Workers' compensation FAQs

What is needed for a quote?

Submit completed Acord 130 (WC) application (CLICK ABOVE)

Does the retail agent have binding authority?

No, each carrier BDI represents has different procdures for binding that require that you notify a BDI representative for instructions.

How will premiums be collected?

All BDI Workers Compensation

If I'm not already signed up with Bloss & Dillard as an agent, what do I do?

Bloss & Dillard's normal procedure with new agents is to obtain a new agent profile and agreement. This form is available on our web-site in the forms section. The first piece of business written with Bloss & Dillard requires that this form and agreement be sent with the bind request.

Visit our website Resources tab for forms to complete a fillable application or print the Acord 130 Workers' Compensation Application to complete and sent to fax at (304) 429-7248.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our Worker's Compensation underwriters, Greg Bowen or Linda Wolfe at (800) 624-3422. You may also email Greg or Linda to their respective email addresses shown below.

Department Contacts

Carrie Fairburn
Huntington Office

Linda Wolfe
Huntington Office

Matt White
Huntington Office


Personal Lines

The Personal Lines Department here at Bloss & Dillard Inc. can provide you with a variety of coverage for your specific needs. From dwelling fire coverage to inland marine, and manufactured homes to personal umbrella, we’ve got you covered. We write with A-rated carriers or better. We strive to exceed your insured’s needs.

Introducing Homeowners FLEX℠ through American Modern®!

Bloss & Dillard is excited to share this new flexible coverage for owner-occupied or seasonal homes that you can customize. This brand new program is currently available in West Virginia and Kentucky, and we are one of the first to offer to our customers! (Ohio will be coming soon.) For more information, contact us today!

Some highlights include:

• Cover homes that do not have a place in the standard HO-3* market due to claims, age, size, or value concerns (based on an HO-3 form or similar to an HO-3 form)

• Dial up the coverages for water damage, loss of use, other structures, personal property, or liability

•Add options such as occasional rental, earthquake, service line failure, or ID recovery

• Seasonal homes are accepted and coverage remains unmodified during the off-season vacancy

• A+ rated company

Visit for more details about this exciting program!

*Please refer to the applicable Homeowners FLEX℠ Program Manual for complete details. Different sub-limits may apply that vary from a standard HO-3 policy. All risk pertains specifically to dwellings and structures. Roof cosmetic damage exclusion and swimming pool slide and diving board liability exclusion apply."

Get an instant quote for many property & casualty and personal lines products and earn 13% commission! 

With just a few questions, we can provide you with an instant quote for most of the products we offer for your clients while earning 13% commission for yourself. 

Some examples of classes we recently quoted for our agents: artisan contractors, personal umbrellas, 1-4 family dwellings, vacant buildings, non-profit packages such as youth sports leagues, and more! Call (877) 203-8531 for an instant quote through BDI today! (Not available in WV)

Highlighted Products:

Dwelling Fire:

Our dwelling fire programs offer coverage for many risks. Some of these include:

  • DP-1
  • DP-3
  • Protected & Unprotected (Protection Class 9 & 10)
  • Owner, rental, seasonal, and vacant occupancy

Low-Value Homeowners:

We now offer coverage for a low value homeowner’s risk for West Virginia only. It is written on a HO-8 form. The occupancy can either be owner or seasonal occupied. These policies can only be written as actual cash value. Maximum dwelling amount is $225,000.

High-Value Homeowners:

Coverage is available for the higher value homes that you need insured. They are written on a HO-3 form. These can either be written as an actual cash value policy, or as replacement cost. Risks with fire losses will be considered with a fire report.

Manufactured Homes:

A wide variety of coverage options are available when quoting mobile homes. These include:

  • Single or Double wide homes
  • Owner, rental, seasonal, and vacant occupancy
  • Protected & Unprotected (Protection Class 9 & 10)
  • No age restriction

Personal Umbrella:

We can quote personal umbrella policies up to $10 million. There are several markets to choose from. We are able to write households with youthful drivers, drivers with MVR activity, and older drivers as well.


There is coverage for most types of bikes: cruiser, touring, standard, scooters, dirt bikes, ATV, and mopeds. Accessory, safety apparel, rental reimbursement & trip loss reimbursement options are available to endorse to the policy.

Antique Auto:

We have a market that is one of the most inclusive classic auto and collector car insurance policies in the industry. We offer an agreed value settlement. We also offer additional coverages such as spare parts, towing, trip interruption, etc.

Department Contacts

Lauren Turner, Manager
Huntington Office

Karen Brooks
Richmond Office

Terri Bentley-Litz
Huntington Office


P&C Department

Bloss & Dillard is an excellent source for your commercial lines operations. We have a variety of markets that will accommodate the various exposures that your agency may come across.

Department Contact

Colin Wills, Vice-President
Huntington Office

Jamie Bowling
Huntington Office

Ernestine Napier
Huntington Office

Tammy Simpkins
Huntington Office

Michael Williams
Huntington Office

Lisa Castaneda
Huntington Office

Kim Henshaw
Richmond Office

Paulette Klein
Richmond Office

Get an instant quote for many property & casualty and personal lines products and earn 13% commission! 

With just a few questions, we can provide you with an instant quote for most of the products we offer for your clients while earning 13% commission for yourself. 

Some examples of classes we recently quoted for our agents: artisan contractors, personal umbrellas, 1-4 family dwellings, vacant buildings, non-profit packages such as youth sports leagues, and more! Call (877) 203-8531 for an instant quote through BDI today! (Not available in WV)

In-House Authority

Bloss & Dillard, Inc. has in-house authority to quote $1MM/$2MM limits with most of our carriers for the majority of classes you may see. Some carriers enable us to quote up to $3MM/$5MM on an underlying policy in house.

We have in-house authority to quote commercial property with many of our carriers. We have the ability to quote $1MM limits in-house but have the markets to review much higher limits. We see many types of property exposures such as builders risk, vacant buildings, crime, difference in conditions, just to name a few. We can write property risks on a mono line basis or package with other coverages.

We have in house authority for a wide range of inland marine equipment. Examples of inland marine exposures we see are: Contractors equipment, logging equipment, Equipment leased or rented to others, Valuable Papers and more. We have markets that will package these with the GL coverages so it's easier for the insured and agent when dealing with one policy. Prize Indemnification is another type of inland marine coverage we see. During the spring and summer seasons many golf tournaments bring in participants with prizes. Whether it’s a large payout, a new car or smaller cash prize we have markets to provide you options for your client.

Our underwriters also have in-house authority on hundreds of classes of business for excess and umbrella coverage, with up to $5M limits. We also have several carriers willing to review harder to place excess and umbrellas, and have capacity for $10M and higher. BDI does not need to write the underlying policies in order to review the excess.


Many of our classes can be packaged to make your job as an agent easier. A package may consist of GL and property. Other packages may have GL, property, liquor, inland marine and more. Credits are usually available when packaging products so don't forget this option.

While Liquor Liability is a tough class to write we do have carriers that will write this class of business. Many prefer to package this with the GL and/or property but they will consider on a monoline basis.

A Wide Range of Products

As you can see, BDI offers a wide range of products.

Some of the classes we see on a regular basis are:

  • Apartments
  • Artisan Contractors
  • Bars
  • Daycares
  • Dwellings
  • Lessors Risk
  • Manufacturers
  • Special Events
  • Tanning Salons

These are just a few of the risks we see on a day in, day out basis. We do get many "off the wall" submissions such as: property coverage for a beautician's hands; property coverage on a wine collection; products coverage for a candy maker, liability for a zoo and other interesting items. We review risks from A to Z so if you have a risk that you're not sure about feel free to call our office and discuss it with our underwriters.

With the strength of many A rated carriers that have an excellent reputation in the industry, we're confident we can help you write more business.

Highlighted Products

Products Coverage

Bloss & Dillard can work with carriers to offer products liability on either occurrence or claims made basis for manufacturers, suppliers, and others with a products exposure. We can help new startups and new products to help your customer get a jump on their business.

Professional Exposures

We see many risks which fall into the Brokerage or Professional realm of coverage. Some examples are:

  • Specialized Professional
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Public Entities
  • Excess & Umbrella coverages
  • Non-profit D&O coverage
  • Data processing
  • Custom software
  • Web-portal services
  • Bookkeepers
  • Event planners
  • Promoters
  • Life coaches
  • Temporary staffing firms
  • Cyber liability

We can write seldom-seen coverages such as political risk and trade credit insurance with this carrier. We have the ability to write higher limits and pay 10% commission. Some risks qualify for admitted status. Minimum premiums start as low as $500. If you're interested in these types of risks contact one our P&C underwriters.

Commercial Auto

BDI is your Commercial Auto Specialist

Truck Classes

Logging, Lumber, Sand & Gravel, Cement Mixers, Tow Trucks, Boom & bucket trucks. Service vehicles of all types including contractors, pickups, general freight haulers, hotshot operations, container haulers, coal trucks, oil/gas related vehicles, and single axle dump trucks used for personal use.

Bus/Van Classes

Musician & Entertainer, Daycares, Churches, Courtesy vehicles, Van Pools, Limousines, Social Service Operations, Airport Shuttles, Charter, Bloodmobiles, Bookmobiles, Party Buses, Private School Transportation Vehicles, Wilderness Expedition Vehicles.

Special Types

Ambulances, miscellaneous private passenger type vehicles, driver training autos, food/concession trucks, short tem rental autos (including trucks with a GVW up to 20,000 pounds).


Dealer and Non-dealer exposures related to private passenger vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and ATV's.

Highlighted Products

Department Contacts

Tina Daniels
Huntington Office

Jeff Wright, Manager
Huntington Office





Bloss & Dillard began in 1954 in a one-room office in downtown Huntington with only our two founders, Earle Dillard and Frank Bloss. From those humble beginnings, Bloss & Dillard has grown into a successful insurance enterprise with thousands of valued friends and clients throughout the southeastern and eastern United States.

Today, Bloss & Dillard, Inc. is a managing general agency with a staff of professional underwriters to quote and bind both commercial and personal lines insurance coverages. Our markets are not limited to the placing of non-standard, high risk and specialty coverages.

In 2014, Bloss & Dillard acquired Agents Insurance Markets, Inc. (AIM), a managing general agent based in Richmond, Virginia. AIM specializes in the placement of insurance products in traditional and challenging risks. Together, Bloss & Dillard and AIM offer a variety of specialty and traditional insurance products to independent agents in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia.

As a complete insurance management facility, we have commercial packages and many specialty classes available that can be competitive with "standard lines" carriers. We have the in-house facilities of foreign and domestic insurance markets which are available for the placing of your insurance coverages. We can provide you with excess coverage; umbrellas; general liability; long haul, intermediate and local trucking, including dumps, ambulance services and tow trucks. Our specialty products include mobile homeowners, boats, dwellings, and personal umbrellas. We also offer workers' comp coverage.


We are members of the Wholesale & Specialty Insurance Association (WSIA). In addition, BDI is an associate member of the Independent Insurance Agents of West Virginia, and the Independent Insurance Agents of Ohio. BDI is also a member of the Pennsylvania Surplus Lines Association and the Insurance Club of Pittsburgh. BDI is also a founding member of the USA Alliance, a national organization formed for the purpose of better supporting the needs of the local agent in servicing their clients through our facilities.

Certified Managing General Agency

We have been approved as a Certified Managing General Agency (CMGA) by the WSIA. Agencies are certified based on at least 8 hours of education per employee. We more than doubled the required hours. We are proud to have received this designation every year since 1995. Only 41 agencies nationwide have qualified for the designation.


West Virginia
1925 Adams Ave
Huntington, WV 25704

(304) 429-6961
(800) 624-3422
(304) 429-7248 fax


(804) 285-4930
(800) 627-0505
(804) 285-4945 fax

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7878
Huntington, WV 25778




For your convenience, we offer the following resources:

Forms & Apps

Please use the new Agent Service Center to access all forms and applications.


BDI is committed to providing quality service to all of our agents. Insurance Premium Finance Corporation (IPF) is a BDI partner providing financing for policy premiums.

We realized that in order to provide a total customer solution for the insured, we needed to have a financing option. IPF will process your contract in a professional manner, while giving prompt and courteous attention to any questions or concerns you might have.

Formed in 1987, IPF is a premium finance company specializing in financing commercial property/casualty and personal lines insurance premiums. They provide in-house, premium financing for Bloss & Dillard producers. We finance only policies written by Bloss & Dillard.

IPF can also offer financing in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. To our Virginia and Kentucky agents, we have access to a national company that is providing you the same great service that is provided by IPF to our agents. We can finance amounts as low as $100 with the number of payments ranging from 4 to 8 depending on the amount financed.

Payments are made over consecutive months, and terms will be quoted on each submission automatically. If not, please ask your Bloss & Dillard underwriters for a financing quote. We have some flexibility on the down payments, as well as the number of payments. Let us know if you need help selling the account.

Why not give IPF a try on your next account written with Bloss & Dillard? It will be much easier than having to arrange financing with someone else. Remember to ask your Bloss & Dillard underwriter for the financing figures, if they did not automatically quote them. For questions or comments, please contact Shelia King,


Bloss & Dillard offers the following product lines:


Bloss & Dillard is a Managing General Agent (MGA), serving the independent agent since 1954.

Our facilities are available to the local agent and broker exclusively. We don't sell our product direct to the insurance buying public. Our motto is Service to the Local Agent, not Competition.

Our Mission

To provide for producers a broad range of coverages and markets through Superior Service by our Professional Staff.