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Tech Housekeeping For Our Busy Lives

As we always say this time of year, “boy it seems like this past year went by so fast”.  Sometimes it actually does; but let’s ask ourselves that in July…. 😉  For now, though, as we start this new year, there are some housekeeping items that we can all do to make our technology in 2023 work smoother for us.  Let’s go over some things that can make your tech life just a little better in this new year.

We are regularly hearing about ransomware and people or business “getting hacked”.  Here are a few things you can do to minimize your chances of getting hacked or attacked with ransomware:

  • Turn on multi-factor authentication on any online accounts where it is available
  • Update your passwords – yes, this will be painful but less painful than trying to recover from a hack/ransomware
  • Do some training on how to recognize scams and malware

Another thing from a personal and professional aspect; make sure are backing up all your data on all your devices and networks.  Turn on automatic backups where you can.  Double-check that any mission-critical data for your business is being backed up and stored offsite or in the cloud.

Utilize productivity apps to improve your organization.  Use Evernote or something similar to keep notes and to track your usernames and passwords.  Store all your documents in a online repository such as Dropbox.  Put your appointments, tasks and reminders in a calendar provided by Google, Yahoo, etc.

Lastly, with all this being said, disconnect and unplug more often this year.  Get outside.  Go for a hike on a local walking trail. Ride your bike. Tech has become so easy to be such an integral part of our lives that we need to be more deliberate in stepping away from it.  

I hope you find these things helpful. Take care and have a great 2023!

Tate Tooley


Tate Tooley

As BDI continues moving forward and the world evolves, Tate is here for IT updates and ideas.